Being a VIP player is something that most gamblers they’re not dream of, because this usually implies wagering larger amounts. While this is generally true, cr logo taglinethere are ways of reaching the top of the food chain by playing often, rather than taking great risks.

Casino Room has an interesting loyalty pyramid that makes it relatively easy for players to move up the ladder and enjoy all the advantages.

The best part is that you are not restricted to any game in particular and can play any of those available in their offer. It goes without saying that only real money wagering counts towards improving your position, so this is the time to make the transition from cash prizes. If you reach the top and become a VIP member, you will surely enjoy the convenience of having your own dedicated VIP manager.

This is the person to go to whenever you need assistance regardless of how difficult the problem, as he or she is competent and always available. The pit boss team will also be available using the live video chat technology and this will help you navigate the live casino section much easily.


There are obviously cash prizes that are far more generous than the ones available to regular players and invitations to exclusive tournaments with Casino Room paying all the expenses.

The VIP membership is only available by invitation, so you need to get within striking distance to be considered for this honor. It is only a matter of time for those who are active enough and once they make it this far, they will have plenty of reasons to celebrate their achievement. Casino Room’s live casino has a special room dedicated to VIPs and those who step inside this virtual environment will feel like celebrities