In the beginning of gambling, horse races were by far the most popular competitions and back then, only aristocrats got to place these wagers. Now that bookmakers are all over the place and Internet gambling is the most convenient way to make any sports event exciting, betting on horse races is available to everyone.

Bet365 has included these events among the games that members can wager on and the most important competitions are also broadcasted live.

bet365These are good reasons to open account here and start a lucrative betting experience, but things turned from good to better. The online gambling operator has reputation of offering better than average odds on all the sports events and horse races make no exception. The problem is that the odds invariably shifts, sometimes rising while on other occasions they sink and that's what troubles punters who hope to lock in on maximum value.

The guaranteed best odds promotion is the tempting proposition that Bet365 is ready to make with clients, by ensuring the fact that they will be always betting at maximum value. This agreement works smoothly, because regardless of when they placed the wager, players are guaranteed to take advantage of the top odds. If you choose your winning horse at the beginning of the week for a race that is scheduled for Saturday or Sunday, your odds be adjusted if they happen to shift during the week.

The best part is that these adjustments are only made for the better, so if you are inspired to bet on a horse and subsequently the odds drop, you will still benefit from the initial ones. This doesn't limit players to just a couple of betting outcomes and they can wager on various markets, although ante-post, tote, pari-mutuel and enhanced win were excluded from this campaign. These are the only restrictions and all those who have a real money account and play from jurisdictions where gambling is legal, can attend.

Since this is not a standard bonus campaign, there are very few ways for Bet365 members to abuse the promotion. Nevertheless, the bookmaker will act against those who attempt anything that is in stark contrast with the rules and will even resort to the seizure of funds. When in doubt, casino officials can request clients to provide further documents, in an attempt of proving identity.

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