Majesticslots Casino is very proud of its collection of table games and blackjack is by far the most popular, followed closely by roulette and baccarat. majestic slotsGenerous promotions are available for all these games, but one of the best campaigns is geared towards blackjack players.

It goes by the name of Hit and Draw and it consists of a bonus that is awarded to all participating players, with the money being awarded randomly.

Players to start from the premise of winning a maximum of €210 on a daily basis, by taking on the live blackjack dealers. There are different types of games to choose from, so if you don’t want to stick to the classic blackjack variants, you can play one of the versions inspired by it.

Your chances to win the bonus stays the same and it is entirely up to you to be active enough to improve your chances.


All those who have an account or open a new one are invited to sharpen their games and Majesticslots Casino has an educational section that players can check out. All the information needed can be found here, so they learn all the intricacies of blackjack, before sitting down at the tables.

This should help them in the long run as well as on short-term, since it is always more profitable to learn from someone else’s errors.

With or without the helpful casino guide, players will have a hard time picking up the blackjack rules and mastering the game. With these bonuses awarded every day, it is even easier to offset the house edge, not to mention that special tournaments run on a weekly basis.